Matthew Crider

Frontend - Backend - DevOps - UX

I’m a web developer with skills up and down the web stack, with years of experience in back-end and front-end web development and an eye to great experience design.

I learned how to build my first website from the manual that came with Netscape Navigator (back when you got software on a floppy disk and HTML tags were in all caps). From that point on, I’ve had a connection with the web and watched it grow from blink tags, cgi-bin and Geocities to SVG, Node.js and AWS. It has a long way to go but I’m doing my damnedest to help get it there.

In school I studied something called Cognitive Science, because at my core I'm passionate about a lot of wide-ranging disciplines. I’ve studied the texts of great philosophers and the Github repos of little-known engineers. And this may be why the web is so fascinating to me — it democratizes the distribution of the knowledge I’m always hungry for. But I’m conscious of the fact that knowledge can't be dumped on a screen and expected to be ingested; proper presentation is both an art and a science and is something I’ll spend my life mastering.

Please reach out to me if you would like to discuss working together on a project. Resumé and selected projects available upon request.